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Quick Summary: David was horrified that teachers were sent home, told to teach online, but given no training, so he created an online course to help teachers, usually in less than an hour, get totally set up with lights, camera, mike and more to effectively teach from home. And he gave the course away for free for over a month. It’s now $49.

Media contact: Carol Marshall | 213-598-5888
If you’re a teacher, grab Teach Your Course Online here.
In just [DateCounter startDate=”2020-04-06″ endDate=”now” format=”Days”] days, 1,343 teachers already have.

Hollywood actor rushes to create course to help teachers teach from home
(Secretly hopes to sell zero copies)

April 6, 2020
Los Angeles, CA

The problem

Teachers all around the world have had their schools closed, and are being told, “Just teach your students from home. You know how to use that YouTube thing, right?”

(That’s an actual quote from a teacher I spoke with.)

But millions of those teachers don’t even know what they need get set up to teach online, or how. They are suffering. They miss their kids, They miss their classrooms. Their laundry rooms aren’t designed to be used as classrooms.

Those teachers feel abandoned and ignored by their school administrations, and helplessly left behind by the Zoom generation.

Although some teachers know how to do this online, many don’t. A teacher’s superpower is teaching, not knowing the ins and outs of cameras, mics, lights, and keeping our kids safe on Zoom.

The solution

I’m David. I’m an actor here in Hollywood. When I heard this, I decided to do something about it. I knew how, I sure had gobs of time, and I had a desire to help.

So I spent the last few weeks using one of my superpowers, online course creation, to create a video class called Teach Your Course Online, to help those teachers get up to digital speed. I’m an actor and performance coach here in LA, and I know what I’m doing with all that stuff.

And I was all set to charge $49 for it. I figured even cash strapped teachers could probably afford that.

But then I thought more about that. A LOT.

And I thought about just how difficult things are for everybody.

And I decided right then and there that for the next 30 days, I’m forgetting about the money. I’ll survive.

And I came to the conclusion that for the next 30 days, I’m giving the course away for free. No strings attached.

Any teacher that wants the class, gets it for free. All they have to do is register.

So…I could use some help in getting the word out. That’s your superpower.

I want to get the course in the hands of every teacher who wants it. And if you can help do that with a very, very small amount of the incredible time you have, sheltering in place and social distancing at home, we can help them teach online like they do in the classroom.

What can you do to help?

Interview me. Ask me about how teachers are struggling and how we can all help. Ask me why I’m giving the class away for fee. Ask me how I look so much better than your other guests do on Zoom.

Shouldn’t take you too much time. I promise you I’m a great guest. I interviewed people on radio for 35 years, and I know what makes producers and interviewers happy.

Consider the countless number of teachers who will be able to take better care of our kids online by taking this course. I know you can start a conversation, and get the word out.

Now, at the end of the 30 days, I’ll start charging $49 for the course (it’s now past 30 days).

I’m secretly hoping that I will then fail miserably and sell next to nothing. I’m hoping there are no teachers left to buy it that don’t already have it.. I’m hoping that every teacher that wanted it, got the word, and grabbed it when it was free.

You help me get the word out, and that just might happen.

Call Carol at 213-598-5888 or email her at and set up an interview with me.

Dear hard-working producer/host…

I sure don’t need to tell you that we are all struggling.

We don’t know if we’re sick. We don’t know if we have enough money. We don’t know if we will have a job come Monday.

But what do we have?

Time. Gobs of it. More than any of us ever expected to have.

And the desire to help.

David H. Lawrence XVII
Creator of Teach Your Course Online

So with all that time and desire to help…

…may I please have a few minutes on your talk show, a segment as one of your talking heads, or a mention/interview in your newspaper or blog? A moment/segment/mention/interview that won’t be about the virus, the numbers, or the deaths?

Will you help me? Just click here to email Carol when I’m available, or phone her directly at 213-598-5888. She’s great to work with.

Thank you. And please stay safe.

I hope this helps.

David H. Lawrence XVII
Los Angeles, CA

Total transparency: At the end of the thirty days, I’ll be changing the price from free to $49. And teachers who get the course for free will have the option to join a low-cost monthly “office hours” group and meet to ask questions and get guidance on how to set up and teach from home. Let’s get the word out now, so there are no teachers left I need to sell to.