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Complete equipment recommendation list and links

I’ve had some requests to put all of the links to all of the recommended resources in all of the lessons in one central, convenient list.

Due to existing world conditions, some of these items may be temporarily unavailable – in the comments below this list, feel free to post possible alternatives, and I’ll let you know whether what you’ve found will do the same thing as what I recommend.

Here you go!

From Lighting:

Bescor 3 Point LED kit with stands:

From Cameras: laptop webcams:

From Cameras: Smartphones

Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation)

DaVoice Adjustable Smartphone Tripod Mount Clip

From Cameras: external webcams

From BONUS: Stuart Gauffi demos YouCam

From Cameras: DSLRs Part 1&2:

Amazon Basics HDMI to Mini HDMI cable

From Microphones:

Audio Technica ATR 6550 shotgun

Audio Technica ATR 3350is lavalier

RĂ˜DE Wireless Go lavalier system

CHARGEWORX Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter:

CableCreation USB-C Splitter Adapter:

From Your tech setup: computer and internet:

Official Apple Store Refurbished iPads:

Notes iOS app
included on all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches

Goodnotes app
available in the App Store and Google Play via your smartphone

Zoom video conferencing

Microsoft Office Home and Student (includes Word and PowerPoint)

From Teaching on Facebook Live:

eCamm Live Presentation Software

eCamm Live Academy Training Program

From Creating recorded lessons with Loom:

Loom video recording software

From Creating recorded lessons with Screenflow:

Parrot Teleprompter display hardware

PromptSmart Pro teleprompter display software

Again, if there’s anything missing, or unavailable, please comment below and I’ll try to help you out.

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Laptop stands are really helpful. I’ve got one straddling my mixerboard which has my mic and guitar running through it. It raises the camera level, keeps me “looking” at the viewers, and let’s me have easy access to my mixer.

If you use a laptop on a stand and need to type while on camera though, you might want to consider adding a wireless keyboard like the one mentioned here. That’s an awkward, and obvious, reach to get to your keyboard.

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