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In just 1153 days, 1,347 teachers have grabbed Teach Your Course Online here…for free.
If you’re a teacher, click on that link and get the course for yourself.
If you’re someone who loves teachers, read on. The rest of this page is for you.

Join #3ForTeachers.

Help me spread the word about Teach Your Course Online.

TL;DR: I’m asking you to spend less than three minutes a day posting a short tweet and FB update, to let people know about a course to help teachers get set up to teach online. I’m asking you to help our kids and their heroes: teachers.

Los Angeles, CA

I sure don’t need to tell you that we are all struggling.

We don’t know if we’re sick. We don’t know if we have enough money. We don’t know if we will have a job come Monday.

But what might we have?

We might have some extra time. We certainly have more of it than we had before. More than any of us ever expected to have. Some have gobs more time, and some have already filled their time up.

And we also might have the desire to help.

So with all that time and desire to help…

…may I please have less than 3 minutes a day, each day through May 15?

Bottom line: I need you to help me spread the word that I’ve created, and I’m giving away for free, a course to help teachers get set up to teach at home online. I want to help as many teachers to know about it as possible. Will you help?

Here’s the problem: teachers all around the world have had their schools closed, and are being told, “Just teach your students from home. You know how to use that YouTube thing, right?”

(That’s an actual quote from a teacher I spoke with.)

Those teachers that don’t know how to teach stuff online are in pain. They miss their kids. They miss their classrooms. Their laundry rooms aren’t designed to be used as classrooms.

Those teachers feel abandoned and ignored by their school administrations, and helplessly left behind by the Zoom generation.

Although some teachers know how to do this online, many don’t. A teacher’s superpower is teaching, not knowing the ins and outs of cameras, mics, lights, and keeping our kids safe on Zoom.

When I heard this, I decided to do something about it. I sure had gobs of time, and a desire to help.

So I spent the last couple of weeks using one of my superpowers, online course creation, to create a video class called Teach Your Course Online, to help those teachers get up to digital speed.

And I was all set to charge $49 for it. I figured even cash strapped teachers could probably afford that.

But then I thought more about that. A LOT.

And I thought about just how difficult things are for everybody.

And I decided earlier today, April 6, that for the next 30 days, I’m forgetting about the money. I’ll survive.

And I came to the conclusion that between April 6 and May 15, 2020, I’m giving the course away for free. No strings attached.

Any teacher that wants the class, gets it for free. All they have to do is ask.

So…um…I could use some help in getting the word out.

That’s where your time, and your desire to help, can be incredibly valuable.

I want to get the course in the hands of every teacher who wants it. And if you can help do that with a very, very small amount of the incredible time you have, sheltering in place and social distancing at home, we can help them teach online like they do in the classroom.

What can you do to help?

Join our effort, and commit just three minutes each day, to do three things each day with those three minutes (extra credit and gold stars are available if you spend four, five or six minutes) each day through May 15:

  1. Jump on Twitter, and tweet a quick sentence about how vital teachers are to the world. You’ll find inspiration in the comments below. Be sure to include the link 3forteachers.com and the hashtag #3forteachers.
  2. Then go over to Facebook and update your timeline with a short sentence about how vital teachers are to the world. You can even copy and paste it from what you tweeted on twitter. Be sure to include the link 3forteachers.com and the hashtag #3forteachers.
  3. Finally, paste what you tweeted/posted to the comments here, so others can be inspired, copy and paste what you said, and tweet/post the same.

Here’s a very short video showing how quick and easy this should be each day:

Shouldn’t take you longer than three minutes. It’s on your honor. It’s “because you said you would.” No one’s checking on you, there’s no leaderboard for who posts the most, there’s no prize at the end of the 30 days.

Well, unless you count the countless number of teachers who will be able to take better care of our kids online by taking this course. Nobody will be checking on you. I just trust that you can start a conversation, and get the word out.

And I’ll be doing the same, spending at least the same amount of time, right there with everyone. And on May 15, I’ll start charging $49 for the course.

I’m secretly hoping that I will then fail miserably and sell next to nothing. I’m hoping there are no teachers left to buy it that don’t already have it. I’m hoping that every teacher that wanted it, got the word, and grabbed it when it was free.

You help me get the word out, and that just might happen.

That’s it.

There’s nothing more.

Will you join us?

Thank you. And please stay safe.

I hope this helps.

David H. Lawrence XVII
Los Angeles, CA

Total transparency: At the end of the thirty days, I’ll be changing the price from free to $49. And teachers who get the course for free will have the option to join a low-cost monthly “office hours” group and meet to ask questions and get guidance on how to set up and teach from home. Let’s get the word out now, so there are no teachers left I need to sell to.

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  1. As a former educator I know how crucial teachers are to this world. All my teacher/education friends please utilize this amazing resource which is free for the next 30 days and spread the love and knowledge. #3forteachers 3forteachers.com

  2. My friend David Lawrence is releasing a video course — “Teach Your Course Online” — for free for the next 30 days. David has a background in technology, acting and teaches voice-over work. He knows his stuff. “Teach Your Course Online is designed to help teachers quickly set up a home teaching space, select and set up a camera, microphone, lighting and all other gear they need to teach and to create a safe and effective online class culture.” #3forteachers https://teachyourcourseonline.com/

  3. My buddy David H. Lawrence Xvii has developed a course to help teachers get set up to teach at home online. His original plan was to price it very affordably at $49, then he decided it was better for the world if he just gave it away, no strings attached.

    If you’re a teacher who’s struggling to get your online classes set up, grab this course and David will show you everything you need to know. If you aren’t a teacher but know one, please forward this URL to them.


  4. Hey teachers who were recently thrust into teaching online (that’s all of you, right?), my buddy, actor, and voice over artist/teacher extraordinaire, David H. Lawrence Xvii just released his “Teach Your Course Online” course for FREE for the next 30 days as his way of giving back to teachers. David will walk you through everything you need to know. #3forteachers https://teachyourcourseonline.com/

  5. Schools “closed” for the rest of the school year! Teachers have been given the task of teaching remotely but never trained for it. Help spread the word about the FREE (for the next 30 days) “Teach Your Course Online” course taught by online teaching pro, David H. Lawrence Xvii #3forteachers https://3forteachers.com/

  6. Teachers are key to this great country. Teachers are getting hit really hard right now and are having to teach from home. My friend David H. Lawrence XVII has put together an amazing free course that shows teachers how to teach online. There’s a free course for teachers at http://3forteachers.com on how to teach online. #3forteachers Please check it out. It’s free for teachers for the next 30 days. Please let any teachers you know…know.

  7. I think we’d all agree that teachers are essential – they do so much and their impact is so great. In this difficult time, many teachers are being asked to go above and beyond, to learn new skills so they can continue teaching their students from a distance. A friend and mentor of mine, David H. Lawrence Xvii, who is also a pro at creating online classes, has come up with a great way to help those teachers.

    It’s called Teach Your Course Online, and for the next month or so he’s making this class available to teachers absolutely free. Teach Your Course Online is designed to help teachers quickly set up a home teaching space, select and set up a camera, microphone, lighting and all other gear they need to teach and to create a safe and effective online class culture.

    Please help spread the word, so we can all help the teachers we connect with. Visit 3forTeachers.com for more information. #3forTeachers

  8. Javier Lacroix

    ‪Are you a teacher or do you know one who is struggling with online teaching? Here is a FREE course from actor & coach David. H Lawrence XVII. Teachers are heroes, let’s help them help our kids today! 3forteachers.com #3forteachers‬

  9. I emailed and posted teachers and friends/family of teachers, posted on FB, etc. borrowing some of the excellent verbiage from folks in the above comments. Thanks David for putting this together. It’s going to help so many.

  10. ‪Love what David H. Lawrence XVII – Actor, Storytelling Coach, Technologist has done to help teachers teach students from home. If you are or know a teacher let them know about this website. 3forteachers.com‬ #3forteachers

  11. TEACHER FRIENDS! My friend and VO mentor David H. Lawrence XVII is releasing a video course called “Teach Your Course Online” — which will be free for the next 30 days. David has a background in tech, acting, and VO. He’s an amazing teacher and fine human. The course is designed to help teachers quickly set up a home teaching space, select and set up a camera, microphone, lighting and all other gear they need to teach in this craziness–so grab it before it costs money! You guys rock! #3forteachers https://teachyourcourseonline.com/

  12. ‪My friend, actor/coach/veteran broadcaster @dhlawrencexvii has come up with a great way to support teachers during this challenging time. Visit 3forteachers.com to learn how you can help. #3forteachers‬

  13. Helpful and Bold Essential tool you are providing our teachers David. Thank you Beautiful Brother???❤️??
    I just tweeted the following:
    Teachers vital creative warriors empowering children edifying our next generation You can help them for free in the remote teaching challenge they now face by simply spreading the good word teachyourcourseonline.com 3forteachers.com #3forteachers #teachyourcourseonline.com

  14. One of my Voice Over instructors, David Lawrence, is releasing a video course — “Teach Your Course Online” — for free for the next 30 days. “Teach Your Course Online” is designed to help teachers quickly set up a home teaching space, select and set up a camera, microphone, lighting and all other gear they need to teach and to create a safe and effective online class culture.” #3forteachers https://teachyourcourseonline.com/

  15. kristannetterville@gmail.com

    Where would the world be without great teachers! David H. Lawrence XVII is currently offering for free, a video course called “Teach Your Course Online” that is designed to help teachers excel in teaching at home. Whether you are a teacher by profession or new to teaching in these quarantine days, his video course is sure to be a mountain of help! I wanted to help him spread the news, so if you know of any teachers out there looking to get a better grip of at home teaching please spread the tags below and the news! #3forteachers https://teachyourcourseonline.com/

  16. Hello, David! I hope you’re doing well. I rarely do what I’m told, and I don’t tweet, so I posted this on my FB timeline.
    Teachers: David H. Lawrence XVII is giving away a free training on how to teach online. It’ll be free til May 6. I know most of you have already got your classes up and running, but this may give you some ideas to include. David’s a great guy and a great teacher. I feel comfortable endorsing this. Please share with your teacher friends.


  17. Now I don’t know how many of you is familiar with the sales funnel structure but this is a perfect example of one.
    This is exactly what I was referring to when I mentioned to you that you have to build the Value Ladder for your services and products. David Lawrence here is doing just that with his free course her. This is his entry level product that is pinging a lot of value for his future customers. He is willing to give all that value for FREE to show you that he cares and to build like and trust. Once you will realize that he is a stand up guy and can really help you solve some of your problems you will be willing to buy his next course or continuum programme that will come right after.
    It’s not a scam or any sales trick. This is how it’s done in the online world. You serve people because you win when they win. Then after a while they will become your fans and followers and eventually your customers once they have confidence that you can really help them with additional things.
    I’m in for this one as that is my niche of expertise and I’d love to see what David will teach in his FREE course.
    #3forteachers 3forteachers.com

  18. David H. Lawrence XVII

    Mike…thank you for your comment. Please know that I’m very familiar with sales funnels, and you’ll see a complete veering off that path – I’m giving this TYCO course to anyone who wants it, for free, as long as they sign up before May 6, 2020. Anyone who gets it after that, the course is going to cost them $49. And I’m very transparent about that: I’m using that deadline to move teachers to act, and to move you to get the word out.

    And…that’s it. That’s where it ends. There’s no upsell to another course. There’s no additional sale in a few months. This is a passion project for which I happened to have used the same skills as I use in creating my other training programs (which actually do all follow a traditional, PLF-style sales funnel).

    But there’s no crossover between this tribe and my traditional tribe here – my VO and on-camera training is for professional actors, not teachers. So look carefully – no lead magnets, no tripwires, no conforming offers, no big-ticket coaching or continuity programs or mega live events. TYCO is just a concise course that I hope will help teachers who have to learn how to teach from home.

    And I hope that helps.

  19. Are you a teacher? Still struggling with Zoom?

    I am in a business group with David H. Lawrence XVII, the founder of a course called TeachYourCourseOnline and an actor, voice over teacher and technologist.

    I just found out that he has created a course for teachers to help with online teaching. The course is FREE due to Teacher Appreciation Week until May 15th!!

    He teaches topics such as Zoom safety and how to prevent Zoom bombing, lighting, microphones, framing, sharing students screens, running polls, breakout rooms etc.

    The lessons are very short, less than 10 minutes each.

    I think it would be helpful for the teachers which is why I am posting.

    He has some samples lessons on this page.
    3forteachers.com #3forteachers.

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